Namespace: go.std.crypto.rsa




Provides a low-level interface to the crypto/rsa package.

Package rsa implements RSA encryption as specified in PKCS #1 and RFC 8017.

RSA is a single, fundamental operation that is used in this package to
implement either public-key encryption or public-key signatures.

The original specification for encryption and signatures with RSA is PKCS #1
and the terms "RSA encryption" and "RSA signatures" by default refer to
PKCS #1 version 1.5. However, that specification has flaws and new designs
should use version 2, usually called by just OAEP and PSS, where

Two sets of interfaces are included in this package. When a more abstract
interface isn't necessary, there are functions for encrypting/decrypting
with v1.5/OAEP and signing/verifying with v1.5/PSS. If one needs to abstract
over the public key primitive, the PrivateKey type implements the
Decrypter and Signer interfaces from the crypto package.

The RSA operations in this package are not implemented using constant-time algorithms.




Constants are variables with :const true in their metadata. Joker currently does not recognize them as special; as such, it allows redefining them or their values.


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