Namespace: go.std.database.sql.driver




Provides a low-level interface to the database/sql/driver package.

Package driver defines interfaces to be implemented by database
drivers as used by package sql.

Most code should use package sql.

The driver interface has evolved over time. Drivers should implement
Connector and DriverContext interfaces.
The Connector.Connect and Driver.Open methods should never return ErrBadConn.
ErrBadConn should only be returned from Validator, SessionResetter, or
a query method if the connection is already in an invalid (e.g. closed) state.

All Conn implementations should implement the following interfaces:
Pinger, SessionResetter, and Validator.

If named parameters or context are supported, the driver's Conn should implement:
ExecerContext, QueryerContext, ConnPrepareContext, and ConnBeginTx.

To support custom data types, implement NamedValueChecker. NamedValueChecker
also allows queries to accept per-query options as a parameter by returning
ErrRemoveArgument from CheckNamedValue.

If multiple result sets are supported, Rows should implement RowsNextResultSet.
If the driver knows how to describe the types present in the returned result
it should implement the following interfaces: RowsColumnTypeScanType,
RowsColumnTypeDatabaseTypeName, RowsColumnTypeLength, RowsColumnTypeNullable,
and RowsColumnTypePrecisionScale. A given row value may also return a Rows
type, which may represent a database cursor value.

Before a connection is returned to the connection pool after use, IsValid is
called if implemented. Before a connection is reused for another query,
ResetSession is called if implemented. If a connection is never returned to the
connection pool but immediately reused, then ResetSession is called prior to
reuse but IsValid is not called.




Constants are variables with :const true in their metadata. Joker currently does not recognize them as special; as such, it allows redefining them or their values.


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