Namespace: go.std.syscall




Provides a low-level interface to the syscall package.

Package syscall contains an interface to the low-level operating system
primitives. The details vary depending on the underlying system, and
by default, godoc will display the syscall documentation for the current
system. If you want godoc to display syscall documentation for another
system, set $GOOS and $GOARCH to the desired system. For example, if
you want to view documentation for freebsd/arm on linux/amd64, set $GOOS
to freebsd and $GOARCH to arm.
The primary use of syscall is inside other packages that provide a more
portable interface to the system, such as "os", "time" and "net". Use
those packages rather than this one if you can.
For details of the functions and data types in this package consult
the manuals for the appropriate operating system.
These calls return err == nil to indicate success; otherwise
err is an operating system error describing the failure.
On most systems, that error has type syscall.Errno.

Deprecated: this package is locked down. Callers should use the
corresponding package in the repository instead.
That is also where updates required by new systems or versions
should be applied. See for more




Constants are variables with :const true in their metadata. Joker currently does not recognize them as special; as such, it allows redefining them or their values.


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