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James Craig Burley, Postmaster

Domains Served

I serve as "postmaster" and "webmaster" for the following four domains, mainly so I can increase my own understanding of the challenges of administering an SMTP server that is heavily targeted by spammers:

"James Craig Burley, Software Craftsperson"
I've owned this domain name for several years now. It is the target of spam, vermin, and joe jobs, and accounts for the vast majority of incoming email on my system.

Being made an unwitting target of joe jobs has, more than any other factor, caused me to devote substantial thought, energy, and effort to coming up with solutions to the problems of spam and vermin.

"The Burley Family"
Our family's household domain name. This domain is not yet the target of much spam or vermin.

"They float, but kilmnj is fixed."
The new "home" of my GNU FORTRAN 77 (g77) "Legacy" Site, as well as of anything else relating to what I call "geezer tech" that I find worthy of publishing.

Email (SMTP) Service

Email to the domains I serve is handled by my own heavily-patched version of qmail version 1.03, one of the most widely-deployed MTAs on the Internet.

Email from the domains I serve is never spam or vermin, although spam or vermin might claim to come from one of my domains.

I don't use SPF to filter incoming mail, but I do publish SPF records for the domains I host.

If you are unable to inject legitimate mail into my server, contact me via the email address listed for my domain names.


Copyright (C) 2006, 2007 James Craig Burley, Software Craftsperson
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