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December 2020

GitHub Discussion Board, Parler, and Gab 150 150 craig

GitHub Discussion Board, Parler, and Gab

Awhile back, I created personal accounts on Parler and Gab, to augment (and ultimately replace) my personal Twitter account.

More recently, I enabled the new GitHub Discussions feature on my fork of Joker, and posted the “Welcome” message link on Clojure’s Joker channel on Slack, plus this content on both my Parler and Gab accounts:

If you’re interested in the #Clojure programming language and want to try out a version that is compact, interpreted, and not based Java[*] nor Javascript, consider #Joker, perhaps even my “gostd” fork of it.

Joker, written in #Go, builds down to a single, fairly compact and quick-starting, executable, with numerous core and widely used namespaces already “built in” to the executable (therefore not needing deployment alongside it).

My “gostd” fork adds an experimental capability in which many Go standard-library packages are automatically added to the core libraries during the Joker build. There’s lots of work still to do on it, but I’m making progress in my spare time. (Yesterday I got it working with Go 1.16beta1.)

I just enabled GitHub Discussions on my fork’s page; feel free to join in:

And Merry Christmas!

[*] If you’re looking for a compact, interpretive Joker based on a quick-startup JVM engine, try #Babashka; last I checked, it was competitive with Joker (in terms of startup time and overhead), and it might run faster to the extent any JIT works effectively (as Joker, being built on top of Go, has no JIT).