Enhancing Joker (a Clojure interpreter written in Go) to automatically support/wrap the entire Go standard library (compare to the offerings provided by “official” Joker) and, optionally, 3rd-party packages; and supporting Joker development in other ways as well.

Learning Clojure and state-of-the-art technologies widely used and deployed by Software/Network Architects. Researching low-latency protocols, such as messaging/email, with a goal of scaling up to a human population of 10 Billion. Serving as “postmaster/webmaster” for my own domain names, rather than outsourcing that work, mainly to increase my own understanding of the challenges involved.

Past Projects

These include porting and subsequently optimizing a native-code generator for the Verilog language, targeting the SPARCv8 architecture, originally targeting HP-PA RISCGNU FORTRAN 77, which I wrote and maintained over a period of many years; and design, reverse-engineering, and documentation for a page-layout-software company. See my résumé for details.